Coral Buy-Back Program

Introducing our coral buy-back program, how this program works is we send you the appropriately sized insulated box with a return shipping label inside of it and bags for the coral to be put into. You then bag the coral and place it into the box then tape the box up and tape the new shipping label onto the box. Then you drop it off at your local ups store. In return for the coral, we either can give you store credit, cash payment, or even trade IT IS YOUR PREFERENCE! Right now the only corals we are buying back are zoanthids but we will be expanding into other corals as we grow as a business! Keep in mind, we have to make some money off of these purchases so you will not receive retail value instead you will receive a value a little higher than wholesale pricing. We are doing this because instead of encouraging importing wild corals why not make a way for millions of hobbyists to make some extra reefing money by trimming their colonies and encouraging self-taught aquaculture! We can even teach you how to frag!


Click here for our step by step instructions!