• Oddly enough, I haven’t run heaters for a few years. I’ve found that with a sand bed generating heat and the top insulating, you can maintain a room temp tank at 74. Some of my tanks stay at 70. Even though you may have faster growth from warmer water, its close to the danger zone of 83+. Coral survive winters while rapidly dying from just a few degrees higher in the ocean. I’ve been in the hobby for 20+ years and have lost much from faulty heaters, over a dozen tanks so the apex isn’t an option.

    Ben Brewer
  • Derek that’s about the perfect average on water temp, I run my water around 82! Some people think I am crazy for it but I get great color and growth. Truly there is no perfect temp other than it not being ice cold LOL!

    Chandler Chapman
  • I set the tank at 78. I’ve got a heater controller that operates on about a degree range. Per my apex it runs between 77.7 and 78.7. been stable there unless I let heat in the house for some reason. Tanks thriving in this. Have that hooked to apex just incase of any issues, and to cut down on relay useage on the eb832

    Derek pellerin

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