How fast do your zoas grow? What do you attribute your growth too?

Everyone's zoanthids grow at a different rate so how many polyps do you average in a month? What do you attribute to your growth rate? What do you think you can do to speed up the growth? We can let you in on some of our secrets!


  • Funny y’all mention rastas… It’s one of my fastest growers in my tank.

    Derek pellerin
  • My Rastas are super slow growers. But my lfs said they liked higher flow so I moved them. 3 new polyps in 2 months…still slow growers but polyps are bigger and brighter.

  • I’m new to reek keeping as well but on some no name zoas that I picked up from a lfs I’ve gotten around 5-6 new heads popping up after about a month and a half. On my Rasta zoas, I’ve had them for about a month and I’ve only gotten a single new polyp popping out.

  • I think it depends on the zoa, and the tank. I have seen 10 to 20 new polyps on my. King midas frag in the same time my utter chaos grew 3. My AOIs haven’t popped a new head at all in about the same amount of time. I do feed reef energy every 2 days, and I have seen faster growth from it

    Derek pellerin
  • Newer into it. But after about 2 months I’ve seen a about 5 new polyps on a mixture of 3 different Zoa frags

    David Parish

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